Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Map for Saturday

“In fifty or sixty years I’m dead. I want to say ‘I had a good life’.” –Jens 27 Germany

A simple quote from one of the backpackers in the documentary film, “A Map for Saturday”.  I watched the movie last September 15, 2011. A very heart whelming documentary film that talks about the world, the people, the culture and YOU, as a traveler.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Seven Thousand

“In a month from now, I will end up my Eco-Tourism subject which is part of my curriculum in my chosen course but I think being an eco-tourist will never be apart from me.”
                                                                     -curious rover

 I’m searching for blog updates just now until I met insight with this advertisement.  A simple advertisement until you can open the wide real site. It is the PROJECT SEVEN THOUSAND.

Monday, September 5, 2011

BenCab Museum

I've been to many museums before, one here in Baguio and few in Metro Manila. But for the 3 years I’ve been staying here in Baguio, it is my first time to visit the BenCab Museum located in Asin, Benguet, a few kilometers from the town proper of Baguio City.

Just yesterday (September 4, 2011), me and my groupmates in Tourism Planning planned to visit BenCab Museum as our destination for the tourism research. We chose it for some several reasons that we think it needed some improvements because it is a great place for arts, history and, well, leisure or solemnity.

It is almost 1400H (2:00pm) when we went to BenCab Museum and we thought it is a bit late but still we managed our time because we already made some reservation for us to have the pictorials for documentation. As we approached the place, thick fog covered us with cold breeze that kept on touching our pores and skin. It is so cold and some raindrops still splashing from atop.

Front of the museum

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tour Packaging Competition

"We study and learn for us to sharpen our knowledges and skills that was embedded in us from the time we are born. We are gifted with many skills and talents. And the best way to enjoy it is through sharing it for the improvement of others and not to bias any decision."

Last Thursday (September 1, 2011) is the opening day of the 8th Annual Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB) competition: Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Weekend. Not only to that, as a trivia, it is the 102nd birthday of Baguio City.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Degrading Visibility

August 27, 2011. Storm Mina hit the Northen part of Luzon. Well, knowingly, I and my boardmate still pursued to go to SM City Baguio to meet a friend of mine and to shop a little. The strong wind howled in us all day long. Every little raindrop hit us and we end up all wet, from jacket to pants to socks and shoes, same with shirt. We are shivered from cold but still we enjoyed the day like an ordinary one with a little bit of twist. We went home at around past five in the afternoon. I have to change my whole dress and stuck my self inside my blanket until eight in the evening. WOW! I woke up, its black out. It is the second day (whats new?) but I am still worried that anytime soon, my phone be dead, as in battery empty. I opened my laptop and watched for some video clips and went back to sleep at around 11 in the evening.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bolinao and Alaminos Wonders Part 4

After the underwater interaction, we went to Marcos Island, where a cave is located good for swimming again and jumping to water. Guess what would be the name of the cave. Hehe. It is called Imelda cave, known for its bats hanging at the top of the cave while a fresh water from the sea go in and out if the through a hole which is good for swimming. The water is clear but I decided not to swim. I am a bit sacred of the view of the place. It is like something enchanting and someone was looking at us. Whooo.

Bolinao and Alaminos Wonders Part 3

At around 1445H we arrived at the Don. Sison Auditorium and we took a tricycle going to Lucap where hotels for Hundred Islands are much available. We went to the registration office to ask for some rate. It is a little bit expensive to have a night at the island that is why we decided to check in at the Island Tropic Hotel. A boat owner helped us find the hotel and contracted with us to have our island hopping adventure with them. They will just fetch us early in the morning for the activity.