Sunday, August 28, 2011

Degrading Visibility

August 27, 2011. Storm Mina hit the Northen part of Luzon. Well, knowingly, I and my boardmate still pursued to go to SM City Baguio to meet a friend of mine and to shop a little. The strong wind howled in us all day long. Every little raindrop hit us and we end up all wet, from jacket to pants to socks and shoes, same with shirt. We are shivered from cold but still we enjoyed the day like an ordinary one with a little bit of twist. We went home at around past five in the afternoon. I have to change my whole dress and stuck my self inside my blanket until eight in the evening. WOW! I woke up, its black out. It is the second day (whats new?) but I am still worried that anytime soon, my phone be dead, as in battery empty. I opened my laptop and watched for some video clips and went back to sleep at around 11 in the evening.

The second day of the storm is a little quiet. Sunshine was peeking beneath the stormy clouds so I decided again to took trail going to town and have some internet rentals for the tasks I needed to finish ahead. Well, as the jeepney approached the town proper, another heavy rain welcomed me to the town until I reached the terminal. WOW! I am not, again, dressed for this kind of event. All I got are wet clothes, again. I never learned a lesson. I browsed for an hour in an internet shop to update my accounts and to relax a bit while waiting for the rain to stop. Fortunately, it was. It stopped after that hour and all you can see in the area is a thick fog covering Baguio City. I log out and enjoy the fog for myself. I walk around while thick fog covered me with some strong cold breeze and some sprinkling raindrops. But it's okey, I am having fun.

Baguio Cathedral 

Along Lower Bonifacio Road

I went to church to attend a mass and went out again to enjoy Session Road like no other days I had. I have been spying in any cellphone charger machines at every 7Eleven stores to charge my battery empty phone and trekking along with some wet walkers along the city proper.

I guess that's it that even the storms ruined most of other's day, I just decided to claim it as an ordinary day to enjoy Baguio City more than a summer capital. You? what are the weird things you've been doing lately?

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