Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Seven Thousand

“In a month from now, I will end up my Eco-Tourism subject which is part of my curriculum in my chosen course but I think being an eco-tourist will never be apart from me.”
                                                                     -curious rover

 I’m searching for blog updates just now until I met insight with this advertisement.  A simple advertisement until you can open the wide real site. It is the PROJECT SEVEN THOUSAND.

So what is this site is all about?

It is a site or an organization that pushes through any nature friendly works to preserve our planet Earth.  It aims to have a 7, 000 pledges from different persons who love to be part of this worldwide campaign.

What are the things I can do in this site?

After signing up as a member for FREE, you can start making pledges. These pledges are anything you can think of that deals with the protection, conservation or preservation of the nature.

“I will segregate my waste materials.”

As simple as that. As an option, you can pledge usingof the default type (through words), photos or videos that you taken or made. You can make more than one pledge if you like but remember those are PLEDGE, don’t put to hard and many pledges if you can’t cope up with it. You must be honest for yourself.

 You will choose a white pearl in the pearl gallery in which you would like to be in. Some pearls are already taken but there are a lot to choose from. (I have chosen mine).

In you profile account, there are circle of white pearls that keeps on rotating at the top. Your mission is to change those white pearls to be a golden one by inviting and inspiring your friends in preserving the nature. It is a simple task that can make a great change. 

Those are a lot of white pearls so what are you waiting for? Join now and be part of this worldwide campaign. (^_^)

Curious Rover reason why he join the site:

                Preserving the nature is becoming a trend nowadays. But this is not about the trending. If you read my latest blog about BenCab Museum, the reason lies behind on what we (with my groupmates) experienced in our trip going in the area. In Irisan, garbage slide happened after the storm Mina and until now, Asin, Benguet is in part of calamity because of the garbage scattered around. Houses covered with smelly non-decaying but old garbages while all you can sense in the place is a poignant air that keeps us realizing what that event is. It is a disaster. Not only to that, some of the locals are found dead after days of searching in the midst of the garbage festivities. We really need to help each other become an active part from our simple ways. We are not forcing you but rather we are inspiring you to become a part of it. 

Scene at Asin, Benguet
"Do your part in helping the planet through three simple steps: make a pledge, act on it, and invite friends and family to do the same."- projectseventhousand

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