Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bolinao and Alaminos Wonders Part 3

At around 1445H we arrived at the Don. Sison Auditorium and we took a tricycle going to Lucap where hotels for Hundred Islands are much available. We went to the registration office to ask for some rate. It is a little bit expensive to have a night at the island that is why we decided to check in at the Island Tropic Hotel. A boat owner helped us find the hotel and contracted with us to have our island hopping adventure with them. They will just fetch us early in the morning for the activity.

We check in at the Island Tropic Hotel and found out that the accommodation is very reasonable. A twin bedroom cost for P1,400.00 and  they let us see the actual room before deciding. There is a television (cable), dining table, sink, hot and cold shower, and the room is very spacious for barkada trips. We decided to take it and rest from a while before we go to Lucap Souvenir center. 

At around 1801H, we went out for a walk at the wharf to see some souvenirs and take some pictures at the lighthouse. There is a kiosk in the center were I decided to buy a shirt, unknowingly, she (manang) asked us, “Taga san kayo, Manila?”. We said we are from Baguio then she paused for a while then she uttered, “Wait, kayo ba iyong mga kaklase ni Carli.” Surprised with the answer, yes we are. Carli is our friend and manang is Carli’s boarmate’s mother. Did I say it right? Anyways, Carli has let them know that we are going to visit the Hundred Islands that is why they reckon that we are the one so easily. Well, I still bought the shirt for P120.00.

We return to the hotel in which a few walks away from the port to have our dinner. Yehey! Dinner! Hunger covers our mind that time that is why we ordered two variants, rice for each of us and two pineapple juices in can. So full! I can’t stand up that easily, then we bill out. Wow! P450.00, cost of our meal, how expensive but worth it.

We rest at the hotel, chatted for some time, arrange the things needed for tomorrows island adventure and slept until morning.

We woke up at around 0530H, to early but we really need to. I took a bath at 0600H and arrange my things for the activity. We had our free breakfast at the hotel at around quarter to seven. Not bad but Manong Raffy (boat owner) was waiting for us in front of the hotel. We texted him to wait for a while and after eating, we are ready to go.

We registered at the registration office, then fit some snorkelling gears and then we go. The island hopping adventure begun.

As we pass the dirty water from the port, we passed by first the Monkey Island. A home for many monkeys who are hiding from the people.   

We docked at the first island which is the Governors Island. The place here Pinoy Big Brother guest house is located. You can rent it for P10,000.00 which is good for 10 persna. It does have a cave and a view deck which you can see some of the islands from the top.

After visiting the Governors, we sail to the water again waiting to see some islands. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, we will do some snorkelling activity first. What! I am not ready for some. I am not into swimming activities. A bit excited and nervous, we have no choice than to wear the gears and jump into the water which is located at the center of Quezon island and the near islands.  We held in a rope for those who are not into it but soaking our heads inside the water made us more strong as we saw the underwater wonders. The giant clams and coral formations and different kinds of fish like in the “Finding Nemo” movie. WOW! A true beauty, it is like travelling to other world. There are different colored- fishes, stripes, dotted and plain. I love to swim with them more but we really need to go back to the boat after an hour because we are rushing a bit.


  1. i miss 100hundred island. i wanna go here next year

  2. me too kuya James. I miss the underwater world. Thanks po for reading. (^_^)