Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tour Packaging Competition

"We study and learn for us to sharpen our knowledges and skills that was embedded in us from the time we are born. We are gifted with many skills and talents. And the best way to enjoy it is through sharing it for the improvement of others and not to bias any decision."

Last Thursday (September 1, 2011) is the opening day of the 8th Annual Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB) competition: Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Weekend. Not only to that, as a trivia, it is the 102nd birthday of Baguio City.

Back to the competition, it is where many institutions and the likes (professional and student division) in Northern Luzon try to compete for many categories under the Hospitality and Tourism Industry like cocktail mixing, ice carving, bed making, kulinarya wars, flower arrangement, bellman service and my part Tour Packaging.

It is my second time participating for my school under student division and our destination we like to promote is Bolinao and Alaminos. We took things for perfection this time but still He has some plans for us. We ended up Silver Medalists (like last year but as a defending champion). But still we enjoyed the competition a lot which has given us the experience to be with other universities and colleges. The travels we had for this is a lifetime experience. We interacted with the locals and had conversations with them, same with other tourists and especially the nature of the province. It’s wonders like no other in the Philippines. 

In this stage, I would like to thank all the people who supported me and my team, co-HRAB competitors and to my great team (Rubi Rabara, Angelica Garcia and Rey Arrozal) and to our coach (who helped us for almost two years) Maam Jhen Palacsa. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us maam. To SLU-HTM Ohana who supported us in every step we take. To my family especially my mama and papa. And to God who gave me this skill to be part of HRAB competition.

 Sorry for being pathetic sometimes, my bad. Anyways, here is our video presentation for the competition. I hope you like it. While the video plays, my partner Angelica Garcia tries to market the package with words.

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