Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bolinao and Alaminos Wonders Part 4

After the underwater interaction, we went to Marcos Island, where a cave is located good for swimming again and jumping to water. Guess what would be the name of the cave. Hehe. It is called Imelda cave, known for its bats hanging at the top of the cave while a fresh water from the sea go in and out if the through a hole which is good for swimming. The water is clear but I decided not to swim. I am a bit sacred of the view of the place. It is like something enchanting and someone was looking at us. Whooo.

Then we went around the national park to see the other islands like the Cathedral Island because of it wide cave opening like in PP underground River.

Then we docked again at the Quezon islands, one of the three develop sites for tourists.  It has stores for foods, picnic huts, nipa huts for accomoodation and a lot more. Snorkelling gears and kayaking for water activities are also available but for expensive price. We visit the statue of Manuel Quezon (whom the islands was named) and the mermaid statues at the other side. We head back to the boat after trekking.

Last island would be Quirino Island. Kuya (boatman) said that if we want we can swim through its cave and pass by the island underland. I don’t want to cause the hole is too long for me to swim. Imagine swimming inside the island just to pass through. I a bit scared of the dark places especially water is around and we are the only one doing that.

We did not visit Children Island which I think the most developed site because it is good for children to swim in the area. We just decided to go back to the port and have our islands adventure end. We arrived at around 1115. We went to buy some souvenirs and ask for some receipts and went back to hotel to pack our things. We took a bath and check out for the day.

After checking out, we ate our lunch at the hotel and went to the town proper for our departure going to Baguio.

That two nights and two days adventure was really fun. There are some activities and spots we didn’t do and visit but that would be my main reason why I need to come back to those places. The snorkelling part is my favourite and swimming in Patar. I love the water and what’s inside of this waterscape. But one thing I want to make sure, I will come back with an underwater camera. Those things inside are precious. A total package. 

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