Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bolinao and Alaminos Wonders Part 1

I’ve been to Pangasinan most of the time but mostly on the eastern part. But this last Tuesday (08.16.11) after our last class in Tourism Planning and Development, I and my partner Angelica headed down to the province of Pangasinan to visit Bolinao and Alaminos, the Hundred Islands.

It is around 1515H (3:15pm) when we decided to take Victory Liner headed to Dagupan as our mode of transportation. Then we drop by Dagupan to take another ride going to Bolinao via Alaminos. That was a very long ride which is almost 5-6 hours. It is like your having a trip from Baguio going to Manila, and it is a cut off trip. On our way, some adventures happen, unfortunately, “muntikan”, the driver loses of his control in the bus and all of the people are hurriedly closing all the windows while I and Angge were very clueless on what was happening around us. My goodness, it is like we never been oriented.

Fortunately, we safely arrived at the centro of Bolinao at around 2030H. We rented a tricycle that will service us to Ilog Malino Beach Resort(IMBR) where we decided to have the evening. Manong Crisostomo (driver) took us to Liberty Beach Resort for a budget accommodation which offered us an air-conditioned room for P1,000.00 per night but still we decided to take Ilog Malino Beach Resort because we are the only customer in the resort. I have a big phobia in those things. Alone in the resort? No way!

Manong took us to IMBR and then we inquire for their room rate. They gave us the room, a twin sharing room for P1, 300.00. Not bad, and they have some other Koreans and local guest who are having great time singing in the karaoke bar that night. Then we contracted with manong to be our service for our day tour tomorrow. He said yes, he offered the rate of P250.00 for the first hour and additional P50.00 for the exceeding hours. It is barely good for 3 persons, two at the pedicub side and one at the motor with manong.

 We unpack our backpacks because we need some rest after that long hour bumpy ride. Minutes later, wow, we just noticed that our stomachs are crumbling for food. We haven’t taken any snacks yet, neither dinner nor lunch. We ask Kuya Jomar (resort assistant) if they have any food on their cafeteria but unfortunately, he told us that is not functioning during this season. He took the resort’s tricycle and helped us find some open stores where we can buy some food. Yes! There is one. A Sparkle, Cheese Cake and Ensaymada for dinner? Not bad for those who have no choice than to eat just to satisfy the crumbling stomachs. 

After taking a bath and shower, we decided to rest in each bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day for each of us.

I woke up at around 0615 then rush up to pack our needed thing going to the Southern Bolinao wonders.

We visited Enchanted Cave, the biggest cave in Bolinao. It thus have a coldwater inside for swimming.  There is P50.00 entrance fee an additional P20.00 if you want to swim inside the cave. There is a parking fee also depending on the type of your vehicle.

The cave is located a top of the coral mountain. Yes, a mountain maid from coral stone. There is a lot of coral stone in the area. 

After having some pictures, we visit also the second highest lighthouse in the Philippines. The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse which stands 250 feet. It has 134 steps to reach the illumination room at the top. Fortunately enough for us, when to got there, the caretaker is around, just sitting and chatting with some friends. We ask him if we could go inside to take some pictures and videos and he allowed us. Yes! This is my first time to “climb” a lighthouse, and that would be the second tallest. Reaching the top, a majestic view of rolling hills and South China Sea behold in front of the opening. I have fear of heights that is why; I am trying hard to feel the majestic place rather than seeing the height of the lighthouse. My goodness!

We headed to Patar Beach after the lighthouse tour. They said that it is a white and beach but seeing the place, it is not really a white sand beach. We try to see closely the sand from the sea, we saw sa golden coral sand. Wow. I am not lying in here. It is true. If you want, you can visit the place.  The place is not crowded that time. There are some few swimmers who chatted with us.  Some are taking sand for aquariums and having some photographs. I love the reflection of the sea from clear water to blue green to blue. You can also see the coral stones underneath while you’re on the surface.

We headed back to the resort after swimming in the beach. We took a bath again, and check out. Manong Crisostomo really waited for us very single destination we are taking. 

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