Saturday, August 20, 2011

PP Underground River

November 11, 2011 or 11.11.11 would be a terrific date (I hope) in the history of tourism. In this day, the New7Wonders Foundation who came up with the New7Wonders of the World will announce the new winners under new category and that would be New7Wonders of Nature (N&W of Nature).

After evaluating hundreds of contestants from all over the world, they came out of the 28 finalists that will be competiting for the final round, a chance to be in the list of the New7Wonders of Nature.

The 28 finalist are as follows:

And fortunately enough, Philippines is one of the finalists that will compete. There are only days remaining before the end of voting for the new seven wonders.

There are some updated discoveries under this finalist of ours. This cave is a big part in preserving because it is a very virgin wonder that contains minerals. Not only to that, it does have many tunnels and chambers that must be trek, too small for a boat but too large for a man. It is a sanctuary of bats and other creatures like spiders, small crabs and many more. 

When the La Venta, an association of scientists, who went to Palawan to manipulate research in the cave  found a new and amazing discovery that even the locals don’t know for many years. The underground river is the home of the 20 MILLION years old SIRENIA FOSSIL which, until now, embedded in the walls of the cave. Philippines is truly an amazing country to visit. It offers many mysteries that are priceless. It is so very enchanting to see our wonder one of the finalist and I hope that Filipinos should be proud to vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River. 

 But what would be incentives that can give this competition to our county’s economy?

These recent days, the tourist arrivals in Palawan has been tripled in numbers because of the continuing support in campaigning the for the PP Underground River. Due to this event, more and more employment opportunities are coming to maintain the services needed by the tourists visiting the place.

And becoming part of this historical event would be a great mark that Philippines is not a place for negative things. We have wonders to promote and we have dignity to show to the world. It is priceless title that we are competiting for, through this, we can change step by step the image of our country. A true paradise in the orient that can be a home for locals and tourist alike.

Click here to vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River through online. 
Simply text PPUR to 2861.

*Pictures are taken from Puerto Princesa Underground River fan page in Facebook.

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