Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Trotting

"I am a simple guy who loves to travel." A bit used up quote for tourism students who always try to tell they want to travel that is why tourism is their chosen course. For us, it is true. But as soon you learn how tourism works, you soon know what would be the greater reasons why you love to travel.

I am Zhian, a student from Baguio who really loves to travel. I guess that's it. I really love to travel. As a simple tourism student who aims more than anything than to travel, I decided to go into blogging to help my co-travelers find some information, inspiration (I hope), tips and advice in travelling to any destination I have been to. I never been to many and far destinations. I am only trekking around the island of Luzon for my travel satisfaction but I am striving to be part of longer vacation travels whether adventure, relaxation and business.

In this blog, my motive is to be a help in giving you information you needed (as long as I know), and to interact with you my fellow travelers. I reckon, that is how tourism works, you socialize and gain friends.

So, follow me as I update this blog with my trotting experiences. I am Zhian and I love to travel.

*TRAVEL: preserving destinations, appreciating cultures, socializing with locals and becoming a new person in a new place you decided to be with for a few days.

MARAMING SALAMAT po! (Thank you very much!)

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